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Elect., Instr., and Control Technician



$46.99 / hour


LOCATION: John Twitty Energy Center

WORK SCHEDULE: 6:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., 10 hours a day for 4 days a week


Under the general direction of a Supervisor-Power Station Maintenance, installs, tests, programs, and maintains all electrical, pneumatic, digital, and fiber optic linked computer and process-based control instrumentation in the power plant.  Responsible to install, maintain, and troubleshoot medium voltage (up to 6.9 KV), low voltage (480VAC), and 125 VDC power systems.


1.    Installs, modifies, maintains, and repairs all electrical, pneumatic, microprocessor controls, distributed control systems and instrumentation.  Must be proficient in various protocols including, but not limited to, Foundation Fieldbus, HART, Profibus, TCP/IP, Modbus, DNP, OPC, IRIG-B, DeviceNet, ControlNet, 4-20 mA analog, and pneumatic systems of various types.

2.    Installs, modifies, repairs, and troubleshoots low and medium voltage AC and DC power systems, breakers, and motor control.  Tests, inspects, and maintains generator stator and rotor windings for integrity, as well as the generator control and excitation systems.

3.    Required to work in close proximity to energized circuits.  Must understand NFPA 70E standards and be able to determine proper arc flash protection requirements in accordance with those standards as required for working with voltages up to 6.9 kV.

4.    Installs, modifies, repairs, and troubleshoots generator protective relaying, motor relaying, and feeder breaker relaying.

5.    Assists in the identification and implementation of new network protocols, technologies, and services.  Installs and maintains Local Area Networks utilizing fiber optic, Cat 5, and Cat 6 cables, as well as wireless protocols involving secure network protocols and wi-fi.  Assists in maintaining security of network systems in order to ensure compliance with NERC standards.

6.    Installs, maintains, and repairs circuit boards, recording instruments, uninterruptible power supplies, protective relaying equipment, and battery systems.

7.    Uses computer-based test equipment to perform all required tests of medium and low voltage motors, cables, relaying, and controls.  Uses and calibrates state-of-the-art instrumentation and test equipment, computer diagnostics and hand devices.  Install, program, and maintain level and distance sensing equipment using various techniques, including ultrasonic, laser, and radar.

8.    Develops, programs, and troubleshoots control logic contained within programmable logic controllers, distributed control systems, computer-based HMI programs, and various handheld devices.

9.    Troubleshoots and repairs computer systems, including desktop, laptop, and handheld personal computers and system servers.

10.    Troubleshoots, maintains, and repairs heating and air conditioning systems of various types.

11.    Installs, commissions, and troubleshoots variable frequency drives, including both low voltage and medium voltage drives, up to 6.9 KV systems.

12.    Responsible to maintain, calibrate, and evaluate performance on a daily basis of emissions monitoring equipment in order to comply with EPA Part 75 and EPA Part 60 requirements. This equipment shall include, but not limited to, gas analyzers, mercury analyzers, dilution probes, flow monitors, opacity monitors, ambient air monitors, and associated computer-based reporting software and hardware.

13.    Interprets and utilizes blueprints, schematics, circuit board layouts, and equipment manuals.

14.    Works safely and encourages safe work of others.  Stays current with changing electrical codes and safety requirements.  Stays current with changes in technology of both tools and procedures.


15.    Participates in the planning, installation, and startup of various plant projects, including both new construction and unit retrofit projects.

16.    Responsible to direct work on various projects of smaller scope involving primarily electrical and control system modifications and installations.

17.    Must be able to distinguish each color of the EIA/TIA 598-C “Optical Fiber Cable Color Coding” standard or latest version.

18.    Performs other duties and functions as required for safe, reliable, and efficient operation of the generating station in a timely manner as assigned by management.


Education and Experience:

Qualified applicant must meet one of the following educational requirements: 

(1) College degree in Industrial Technology (Electricity/Electronics).  

(2) Completion of an accredited four-year apprentice program for either an instrument technician or journeyman electrician.  


Qualified applicants must meet one of the following experience requirements.  The term “recent” as referred to below shall mean that time period immediately preceding the applicant’s interview for this job.  

(1)  Minimum of two years' recent experience as a power plant electrician or instrument technician.  

(2)  Minimum of three years' recent experience as an instrument technician or industrial electrician in an industrial plant.


Must have a valid Missouri driver’s license (minimum Class F).  


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

    A working knowledge of the problems and practices applicable to the function, construction and maintenance of electrical, pneumatic, and microprocessor based equipment, elements, and printed circuit boards.  

    A working knowledge of the NFPA 70E standards involving Arc Flash Protection and be able to apply those standards.  

    Willing to work overtime and under pressure in order to return equipment to service or meet imposed deadlines.  

    Be dependable due to the nature of the position and the overall importance of power generation to the community.  

    Work courteously with customers and coworkers.

    Make mature decisions with or without direct supervision.

    Ability to:

o    Maintain power systems up to 6.9 KV.  

o    Demonstrate knowledge of Asbestos Operations and Maintenance (O&M) training.  

The employee may be required to take additional courses on his/her own time to obtain training in specific areas as deemed necessary by management, such as:  digital, computer based, electronic, pneumatic, or instrumentation.  The expense for such courses would be reimbursed by City Utilities upon successful completion.

Specific skills on the job include, but are not limited to:

A.    Print reading

B.    Instrument maintenance

C.    Test equipment usage

D.    System maintenance and troubleshooting

E.    High voltage maintenance

F.    Motor maintenance

G.    Microprocessor programming, troubleshooting and repair.

H.    Emissions monitoring equipment maintenance and calibration in accordance with applicable regulations.

Physical Requirements:

Physical requirements include:  pushing, pulling, stooping, must be able to lift 55 pounds regularly and 80 pounds occasionally, working at heights, and being able to visually differentiate between color-coded electrical and electronic equipment associated with this job.  Must be able to respond to audible and visual alarms, including safety and production alarms.  

Working Conditions:

Works in a power generating plant environment with the inherent noise and heat of large machinery and fugitive dust and fumes from the coal fuel.  The work may be inside or outside of plant buildings in all types of weather as required.  Work at heights on the structures will sometimes be required.  May work in proximity to toxic and corrosive chemicals, asbestos containing materials, or other hazardous materials.  May be required to participate as a member of the in-plant HazMat response team.  May be required to wear a respirator.  Must be clean-shaven such that facial hair will not interfere with the respirator seal during annual fit testing of respiratory protection and when required to wear the respirator on the job. Required to wear uniform clothing provided by City Utilities, including flame retardant/arc rated clothing. Management retains the right to require replacement due to wear or staining. 

Miscellaneous Requirements: 

Shift work may be required.  Must be able to work successfully with diverse groups of people.


Testing may be required.


Interested applicants may apply online at under Corporate/Careers/Job Openings.


Job Type : Full-Time
Education Level : Associate Degree
Experience Level : Mid to Senior Level
Job Function : Skilled Trades
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