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(Springfield, Missouri, January 19, 2023) The employee-owners of NewStream Enterprises, LLC (NewStream), a subsidiary of SRC Holdings Corp. (SRC), are proud to announce our assembly team’s recent achievement of reaching 100,000 QLS Sensors built by the end of December 2022. For the team, reaching this milestone is particularly significant, especially in light of all the challenges they have faced thus far.

In March 2020, a truck and engine manufacturer client approached our team to express their frustration with obtaining QLS sensor assemblies from their current supplier. The employee-owners at NewStream were glad to provide a solution by assembling the sensors in-house.

The team's challenge at the start of the project was to meet the client's high demand in the short-given time. The process of disassembling and subsequent reassembling units with the new parts appeared to take a long time. The team decided to carefully evaluate the potential inefficiencies if they persisted in their existing methods and look for a better way to advance.


As a part of an employee-owned company that employs the Great Game of Business and Open Book Management, the QLS Sensor Assembly team created a MiniGame called “Do It Right, Not Twice” to reduce the rework number of each month. By focusing on their primary rework trouble areas and holding themselves accountable for their work, the team was able to break down growing issues and successfully handle the challenges by setting these short-term goals.

According to Tirrell Teague, the assembly supervisor, his team typically produces 250 to 300 QLS sensors every day depending on the availability of cores and sensors. At the beginning of the project, the customer established a stretch goal of 600 QLS sensors each day, which called for a speedy ramp-up. The team outperformed expectations despite the abrupt stretch goal, building so quickly that they were even unable to order cores quickly enough to keep up with the volume of units our customer had expected.

By achieving this important milestone of producing 100,000 QLS sensors, our assembly team helped us expand our business, win new projects, and demonstrate our teamwork, flexibility, and reliability.


Congratulations to the NewStream assembly team on this significant achievement!

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