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Now offering cosmetic Botox and Jeuveau!


Complete Care Clinic is now offering cosmetic Botox at $12/unit and Jeuveau at $9/unit!

What is Jeuveau, you ask?

➡ Same ingredients as Botox

➡ Can be used for all the same things as Botox, such as:

     ͢  Cosmetics
     ͢  TMJ
     ͢  Migraines
     ͢  Neck 
     ͢  Etc.
➡ Lasts as long as Botox 
➡ Settles in FASTER than Botox 
➡ Significantly cheaper than Botox 

You do not need to be a member to receive these services and prices! 

Reach out to schedule your appointment today!
📞 417-735-0055


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