What Does Senior Living Guidance Look For While Touring A Community?


There is a lot to take in when you are touring a new community and asking questions; the experience can be quite overwhelming. While I was touring majority of the Greene and Christian County communities, at the end of each day I was having difficulty keeping information organized; this gave me a new perspective of what seniors and/or their loved ones go through without assistance. I know from experience that representatives from the communities may try to promise you more services than what is provided. As a licensed nursing home administrator that has worked in every domain in long-term care, I know what to look for and questions to ask that will assist you in finding your next home. Here are a few things I look for in-depth during a tour that can assist with choosing the right community for you or your loved one… 

  • Professionalism of all staff and a sense of a warm invitation (attire, demeanor, acknowledge you while you’re touring, how the staff speaks to residents as you tour, does your tour guide know the residents and staff by name)
  • Cleanliness of the common areas (floors, lights, dust, smell)
  • How the residents look (clean clothes, hair done, odors)
  • Survey outcomes and the community’s response (trends of falls, pressure sores, abuse/neglect/exploitation)
  • Staffing (ratio, on-duty licensed nurse 24/7, in-house staffing versus agency)
  • Call light response time (average time for staff to respond to call lights)
  • Meal selection (cook to order, restaurant style, cook versus chef, taste, presentation)
  • View the activity calendar (variety, how many in a day, weekend activities, outings)
  • Security (cameras, exterior door codes, receptionist, weekend coverage)
  • Fire hazards (view survey results, fully sprinkle system, fire doors)
  • Grounds (manicured and well kept, sidewalks safe)
  • Community fees (deposit, community fee, level of care charges, annual increase)
  • Transportation options (medical and non-medical appointments)

Please reach out to me for any guidance. I spent a month touring the communities and meeting the representatives, and only selected a handful that are on my Preferred List. 


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