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Contender eSports

3010 S National
Springfield MO 65804
405 N Jefferson Ave 1040N
Springfield MO 65806

Everyone Plays Here

Open from 11am - Close. 7 Days a Week.

At the corner of National and Battlefield

This place is for Springfield. It is ours. Our city. Our schools, our universities, our businesses, our friends. Our family.

There is not a corner of our community that exists without the common thread of gaming touching it. This thread is what allows strangers to connect, smile, build relationships and have fun.

We love gaming. All of it. First-person shooter, fighting games, real-time strategy, racing, sport games, and multiplayer online battle. Do you have to be great to play here? Absolutely not. But you do have to smile. And be ready for this to be your home. Yes... you can get rowdy. But remember... we are all neighbors. Be kind. Do something nice for someone else.

You like to compete? I mean ... really compete? We know .. which is why we offer seasoned, highly talented Game Managers (real people) for each of our major gaming communities. Find them in our location and on Discord. These are amazing people who excel at particular games and are here to serve you. They oversee weekly leagues, tournaments and seasons for you to enjoy with them. Sometimes you win money, sometimes you win prizes ... but you will always win friends.

If you have any questions, messages us on Facebook, DM us on Instagram, connect with us on Discord, and make sure you know that when we shake hands with you and look you in the eyes when you visit, we are grateful that you are there with us.

Our promise is that, every time you step in our doors, we are 100% committed to making your time with us the very best part of your day. And when you leave ... you leave knowing that all us believe that in life ...  You Are A Contender.

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