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My World ABA, LLC

PO Box 3715
Springfield MO 65808

My World ABA offers Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services for Springfield and across Southwest Missouri.  We use evidence-based interventions in accordance with the standards of the Behavior Analyst Certification Board to teach children developmentally appropriate behaviors and new skills while reducing inappropriate or problematic behaviors.

We all learn through play, and most of all, we LOVE learning through play.  Our approach uses play-based techniques, incidental teaching methods, and natural environment training to master goals.  Instead of requiring immediate compliance and conformity to our world, we try to learn about their world to help establish a symbiotic and synergistic relationship.

Our ABA services include consultation, program development, direct treatment (independent and group), parent training, and social skills groups.  Although most of our services are currently center based, we hope to expand services to include home, school, and/or a community-based setting as well as in person or through telehealth services.

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