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Kenzie Ward

Lee Flood Named Executive Vice President of Pearson-Kelly Technology


Lee Flood was officially named Executive Vice President on 18 March 2020 after five years with Pearson-Kelly Technology.  

“I’m definitely grateful, but I also feel an immense amount of responsibility,” said Flood. “It’s not just our employees that I’m responsible for now; it’s their families, too.”  

Flood joined the Pearson-Kelly team in November of 2014 as an account manager before moving into a managerial track in January 2018 as Sales Manager and then Director of Sales in 2019. 

For Flood, family always comes first, and it’s why he’s dedicated to cultivating a culture at Pearson-Kelly that believes the same. “I’ve seen a lot of people love what they do and crush their family,” said Flood. “I want to help build an environment that someone’s kids are excited for their mom or dad to work at.”  

The promotion, effective 1 January 2020, was announced this week to the Pearson-Kelly Team. In her announcement Chelsey Bode, President, notes the announcement should have come earlier this year, but didn’t “because [Pearson-Kelly Technology has] a leader that wanted other staff priorities addressed, and wouldn’t allow plans for him to take priority.” 

Those priorities included an internal launch of Traction, as well as recruiting and onboarding six new employees. 

“I wanted to make sure we recognized the positive during this crazy time,” said Bode. “It felt right to announce it now and remind our team that even though this virus is changing how we all do business every day, our leadership team is strong and dedicated to getting us through.” 

The announcement came amid other corporate policy changes implemented in response to the COVID-19 mitigation plans recommended by the CDC and other health officials.  

About Pearson-Kelly Technology: Pearson-Kelly Technology is a family-owned and locally operated managed service provider that works with IT directors across Southwest Missouri to provide outsourced IT and helpdesk services, managed print services, VOIP phone solutions and other building security solutions. For more information about Pearson-Kelly Technology, please contact Kenzie Ward at 


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