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Mindy Hoff named President of Heart of America Beverage Company


On Tuesday, November 9, we officially announced Mindy Hoff, Principal, as the newest President of Heart of America Beverage Company.

Hoff will be taking a more active role in the day-to-day operations at Heart of America Beverage Company, but will primarily focus on future planning for our organization. Business will remain as usual, and we hope you’ll join us in congratulating Mindy Hoff on her promotion.

Our attached press release contains more details about Hoff and what this transition means for the future of our organization.

Hoff is the daughter of Jim Ferguson, founder of Heart of America Beverage Company, and comes to this position after five years as Principal. Prior to becoming Principal, she’d worked in both the finance and sales departments at the organization. Additionally, she trained at Monarch Beverage in Indianapolis, Indiana, and has experience as a small business founder and owner.

We appreciate your partnership and look forward to many more years of success!

Tuesday, November 9


SPRINGFIELD, MISSOURI — On Monday, November 8, Heart of America Beverage Company named Mindy Hoff president.

Hoff has held the role of Vice President of Financial Analysis at Heart of America for several years, and now her promotion to President gives her a more active role in the day to day operations and future planning for the company. “I’m excited for this opportunity,” said Hoff. “I’m looking forward to bringing more excitement to our customers and our employees.”

This elevation of a female in the alcohol industry is rare. Women make up 21 percent of C-level positions across industries, but only 10 percent in the food and beverage sector. “There’s an added pressure each day to go out and do even better than those who came before me,” said Hoff.

Heart of America sells products that are designed to bring people together and celebrate face-to-face moments. After almost two years of a pandemic, Hoff wants to put the focus back on people.

“I think a lot of people are hurting right now, especially at our bars and restaurants.” Hoff said. “If I can be a part of helping our customers regain the business they lost during Covid, I would consider my work a success.”

Hoff plans to encourage a family friendly atmosphere where relationship is the driving force between Heart of America Beverage Company, its customers and the public. “We spend so much of our time on devices now,” she said. “I want to help bring us back to a place where we can enjoy being together.”

Her goals are to help her customers rebound in the wake of the pandemic, and to increase employee retention. “My dad built Heart of America,” said Hoff. “He’s set such a legacy, and I’m excited to take it to the next level.”


After growing up around the business that her father started in 1978, Hoff went away to begin her formal training at Monarch Beverage in Indianapolis. There she began as a merchandiser, and was quickly promoted to a Sales Representative, eventually managing several key accounts. Following her time at Monarch she returned home to take on the role of On Premise Key Account Manager for Heart of America. An entrepreneur by nature, Hoff wanted to strike out on her own, and eventually left the company in 2003 to start her own business, offering after school athletic programming in area schools. She named the company Show Stoppers and Show Me Sidekicks, which she grew into a successful business with branches in St. Louis and Springfield. After several years of growth, she decided to return to the family business part time, stepping in as Vice President of Financial Analysis. A few years later, after having three children, Hoff decided to return to a full time position with Heart of America. She dove back in head first, building upon her sales history, while also immersing herself in the operational side of the business to round out her knowledge. Now President of Heart of America, Hoff enjoys the challenges involved in her executive role, and looks forward to many years of future success.


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