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The employee-owners of NewStream Enterprises, LLC (NewStream), a subsidiary of SRC Holdings Corp. (SRC), have proudly achieved 3.5 million safe work hours without a single lost time incident over the last 10 years. This milestone is very critical to the company as maintaining a safe work environment is essential to the health and safety of our workforce, as well as maintaining competitive pricing and quality services to our customers. 

According to Occupational Safety and Health Administration, a lost-time accident is an OSHA-recordable incident in which an employee is not able to return to work following the incident. NewStream has achieved 3.5 million safe work hours with the Total Case Incident Rate (TCIR) of 0.00 and Experience Modification Rate (EMOD) of 0.61. Additionally, NewStream has not had a severe work related injury that resulted in a Days Away, Restrictive Transfer (DART). Thank you to our associates for being proactive with incident management and safety programs. Without your hard work, these amazing safety metrics would not be possible.

This year, due to COVID restrictions, our associates were not able to hold a big celebration. However, the group still celebrated this accomplishment by awarding 3.5 Million Safe Hours Celebration jackets to all associates. 

"Ensuring a safe work environment means that everyone goes home safe after work and our business keeps running smoothly," Sarah McDonough - NewStream Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) manager said. "It also results in increasing production efficiency and enhancing cost control. Our safety milestone could not have been achieved without constant focus from everyone on preventing workplace hazards, such as slips, trips, and falls. The dedication from all team members helped make this celebration possible. We are very proud to have reached this achievement especially during nationwide pandemic." 

Congratulations to all NewStream team members on this accomplishment.

About NewStream Enterprises, LLC: NewStream Enterprises has over thirty (30) years of experience providing value-added warehousing and distribution solutions, including kitting, packaging, and assembly services, to the world’s leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in on and off highway industries. We infuse quality, flexibility, and reliability into our customers’ supply chains, resulting in an increase of a variety of metrics for our clients, such as on time delivery, customer experience, and overall sales growth.


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