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We’re in search of a weight loss model!

We are looking for someone to share their experience with our weight loss program using pharmaceutical weight loss medications. It has been extremely successful for our patients, and we want to spread the word even further.
The ideal candidate is someone who:
-is willing to let us document the process from start to finish + share it publicly
-has a social media community
-is willing to share their journey on their own social media accounts
-is able to come in to the clinic once a week for their injections
You’ll undergo the entire program for free in exchange for allowing us to document and share your journey. Documentation will include before and after pictures and videos.
Does this sound like you or someone you know? Email with the following information:
Phone number:
Current weight:
Goal weight:
Social media handles:
Confirm no history of medullary thyroid cancer (personal or family history):
Tell us a bit about your weight/weight loss journey up to this point, and what your goals are:
We’ll respond to schedule a discussion with the nurse practitioner if we are interested in moving forward.


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